Saturday 22 February 2014

Wolf Cola - Wolf Cola

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When it comes to music, we can talk about different styles and throw around "cool" references and claim to like obscure bands for the sake of impressing people, but usually the opposite happens and you end up sounding like a self-important knob. Really, when it comes to music, most of us know what we like. "Wolf Cola is two guys from Sydney who watch a lot of TV and play old style surfy garage pop that's catchy and good to dance to." So that's how these guys introduce themselves; refreshingly unpretentious, clearly they know what they like, and (apart from watching TV, not a common practice for me personally) they've put down a good description of some of the music I like too. So even before hearing this duo, I had a feeling we'd get on well, and upon inspection, their debut EP does what they say it does, and it ticks a few of the right boxes to this pair of ears while it's at it.

Four three-minute guitar songs that were written with melody in mind, and production as something of an afterthought. 'Wolf Cola' could be a collection of session tracks, and it wouldn't be surprising to find out they were recorded in that way. It's not all note perfect, and you wouldn't want it to be. 'Turf City' is rough around the edges, the guitar pierces the ears a bit and the vocals are fairly distorted. It sounds great: fresh, vibrant, natural and alive. Even rougher and with more distortion and disregard for professionalism is 'Deal With It'. It's raw, ragged garage-pop that some will love and some will think it just noise. The best track is 'I Don't Know Why'. This is classic pop melodies, those girl-group style sounds that have seen such a resurgence of late. It's as if someone's taken The Ronettes, given them ten pits of booze and then dragged them through a hedge backwards; so pretty awesome really. We get more pop melodies on 'Let's Pretend', although they're pop melodies that have just gone through twelve rounds with Mike Tyson. Original? No, not really. Top tunes and a heap of fun? Damn right.

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