Saturday 8 February 2014

The Hedgehogs - Make Me Wanna Cry/Can't Find Myself

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The Hedgehogs doesn't half sound like a band from a 'Nuggets' compilation or something similar, and true to form, we're delivered two tracks of psychedelic garage. Denmark has appeared to morph into a worldwide psych force recently; or perhaps it always has been but we've just missed it. The six men here are aiming for a classic sound and neither of these songs sound particularly cutting-edge, that's simply not the point. Surely inspired by the very records we mentioned at the start, they've opted to head down the same path but inject their own tunes into the style that they find themselves cocooned in. If we take these two songs, then we'd have to say they've achieved their goal in some style.

Guitars are set to "'60s" and the organ was probably built then. Effects pedals are, naturally, not in short supply, and the vocals are powerful, containing the soul that is often overlooked but has always been a defining aspect of the heavier-grooved end of this genre. 'Make Me Wanna Cry' could be an original; that's how well they've nailed the sound. It's part Hendrix, part Them and part The Chocolate Watch Band (as well as you favourite garage types from that era) and is far more than just a straightforward rehash, they prove themselves to be able writers in their own right. Reinforcing this is 'Can't Find Myself', another trip back in time, on this occasion a little more concise. It's pretty unstoppable though, charging through three-and-a-half minutes with just one pause for breath before we're led into a decent, trippy guitar solo. The beat is driving an propels the songs with a real sense of purpose. I'm not sure what they're smoking over in Denmark at the moment, but it must be good stuff.

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