Wednesday 5 February 2014

First Flush - På Tiden

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You may remember towards the end of last year I wrote a short review on First Flush's 'Lykkeven' from their forthcoming album 'På Tiden'. Well, here it is! Since then my world has become more complete while becoming incredibly attached to these songs. The way in which they approach their craft is unique and refreshing, and what else I like is the way they still hold all the relevant ingredients to create alternative indie rock. Each track offers you something different with every listen.

I still have no idea what they're singing about, but it just sounds great! It's chopping, it's swirling, it's crunching and it's intelligently beautiful at times. The second track 'Jordisk' shares comparison's to Leeds quartet Gang Of Four and Glasgow's Orange Juice with its out of control guitar techniques and usage of effects pedals, while 'Brusende' could effectively be three different songs all offering plenty of feedback and distortion. Its really hard to draw any real comparisons to anybody, really.

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