Wednesday 19 February 2014

Hockeysmith - But Blood

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Sometimes people tend to bypass music videos and just listen to the tune. Fair enough, the video wouldn't exist without the music and it's the tune that's the main focal point, but the strange and ghostly visuals to this new track from Hockeysmith are worth keeping your eye on while playing the song. We first heard about these Cornish sisters last summer when they released their debut single, and already 'But Blood' feels like a progression. It's due to be on their debut EP which will be with us in the spring. Have you ever considered what modern pop sounds like? How you'd describe it to a being who was from another world or had time-travelled from the past? Of course you haven't, yet this song has got us thinking that we could perhaps just play them this as a good example.

Let's be clear: this isn't chart pop by any means, it's gritty, experimental and alternative; the reason why this might be a good way to summarise the dozens of forms of popular music that exist in our world is because traces of just about all of them can be found here. As such this makes 'But Blood' pretty difficult to describe without jotting down every minute detail. The best thing to do is just press play. This pair are showing us, and increasingly so, that they have their own vision of where music should be headed, and it's not the same as anyone elses. It may take parts from here and there, but as a whole this is a unique song, and definitely the start of a career that could become very celebrated.

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