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Simian Ghost - Echoes Of Songs (For Trish Keenan)

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When the news arrived that Trish Keenan had passed away aged just 42 in 2011, it was met with both shock and much more sadness than many departed musicians. Not just because she was so young, but because her band, Broadcast, were loved by pretty much the whole music world. Few groups receive such universal acclaim. The sadness was made worse by the fact that they may well have had much more great music in them yet, and also because they never reached the level of commercial success they deserved. A version of the group still exists today with just one founding member, but the loss of Trish will be tough to cover for. Their influence on other musicians and bands became clear though, and many expressed their grief at the loss of a woman that many of them will never have even met.

Swedes Simian Ghost are one such band, and their own songs, although varied, do share the same sonic space as Broadcast, as well as the diversity, as they change from drones to dreampop to indiepop to experimental electronic sounds, much like the adored Birmingham group. This particular tribute does, as you may expect, owe a bigger debt than usual. It even opens with the line "Sometimes I think that I've stolen every song". 'Echoes Of Songs' is quite beautiful, from the rumbling drum fills to the glistening sheen that coats the entire track; but it's the female vocals and the style that tie it in closest to the music of Broadcast. This is a wonderful track in its own right, and is more than a copy, it's an acknowledgement of the influence of a band and a lady who every good music fan should know a lot more about.

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Feb 10 Old Blue Last, London, United Kingdom
Feb 13 Sound Control, Manchester, United Kingdom
Feb 14 Oakford Social, Reading, United Kingdom
Feb 15 Start The Bus, Bristol, United Kingdom
Mar 10 Threadgills / Dayparty, Austin, TX
Mar 14 Hi Hat / Red eye transit SXSW Day Party, Austin, TX  
Mar 28 Nationernas hus/Klubb din mamma, Linkoping, Sweden  
Apr 04 Klubb Republik, Norrköping, Sweden  
Apr 11 Scharinska, Umea, Sweden  
May 01 Hush hush club, Jonkoping, Sweden  
May 02 Debaser Strand, Stockholm, Sweden  
May 03 ATG, Gavle, Sweden

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