Friday, 1 February 2013

That Scoundrel - Curtains

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The fuzz-rock juggernaut continues to power through the music world like an icebreaker through the Arctic seas, refusing to be halted or to give way to anything in its path. Whether it's your bag or not, it's not looking like vanishing any time soon. Mississippi trio That Scoundrel have a buzz in their amps, a heavy hand on their guitars and a growl in their throats. Their record collection is likely to consist of classic rock and proto-metal groups, garage, punk, hardcore and no-wave bands. In short, these three, totally unashamedly, rock like they don't give a shit.

The genres listed above all have current scenes, they all have groups of modern acts that you can pool together as an example of a style. That Scoundrel don't fit into any of these categories, in fact they don't fit one little bit, something that won't bother them in the slightest. 'Curtains' fuses psychedelic organ, riffs and saxophone with the kind of vocals you need a cast iron windpipe/actual demonic possession to create. It's Black Sabbath meets The Sonics and a brawl breaking out. B-side 'Mean Gene' doesn't scrimp on the riff front and is more straight-ahead heavy rock than anything else. Gloriously ragged.

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