Wednesday 20 February 2013

Andy Burrows - If I Had A Heart

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It really is remarkable that the most talented one out of Razorlight turned out to be the drummer, but over the course of a few records, Andy Burrows has proven that he's a high calibre songwriter, plus his output just seems to get better and better, with current album 'Company' being best of all and faring very well with the critics, including us. He's already released a pair top top-notch singles from the record but it's difficult to think of 'If I Had A Heart' as being the third choice, just about any order would have yielded identical results. Still, it's another wonderful song that makes you forget his past life altogether.

Less jovial than 'Because I Know That I Can', this time Burrows is aiming for something a little more wistful and introspective. It's fuelled by the emotions of love and regret but manages to float in the clouds despite this subject matter. This is thanks to the subtle strings and a chorus that's undeniably lovely. It's been a long road for Andy Burrows to get to where he is now, but thanks to this latest album he's asserted his own name as a credible and talented part of our musical landscape. Expectations for the follow-up will be high, and if he pulls it off he could be set for greater stardom.

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Wed 20th BRISTOL, Fleece
Sat 23rd BIRMINGHAM, Temple
Sun 24th MANCHESTER, Ruby Lounge
Mon 25th GLASGOW, King Tuts
Tues 26th LEEDS, Brundnell            

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