Monday 25 February 2013

Snapped Ankles - True Ecology (Shit Everywhere)

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London's Snapped Ankles release this, their debut single on March 25th (although 10" copies are available direct from the label now) and 'True Ecology (Shit Everywhere)' could easily have had a catalogue number that begins FAC. Yes this gang are delving into the world of early, taut post-punk. You can hear Joy Division for sure, you can also hear Gang Of Four. The production is minimal and snappy and exactly recreates the sound associated with Factory Records' early releases. There's more going on than just mimicry though, these guy do have an identity of their own.

Yeah the bass is a bit Peter Hook and the drums are taken from the moment that punk merged with the Berlin scene to create a new breed of bands that brought an element of krautrock to their songs. 'True Ecology (Shit Everywhere)' is almost robotic in its tightness and doesn't contain a milligram of flab. There are swirling electronic sounds which in this case only add to the industrial effect. Even with slight echo the vocals are still have spoken, half spat with razor blade precision. Snapped Ankles are another angular post-punk band but don't let that put you off, this is a totally different kettle of fish to the revival of a few years ago, and it's far better with it.

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