Sunday 17 February 2013

Matinee - White Lies

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It's not uncommon for bands to up sticks and move to London in order to further their music careers. It's less common if you're from Italy though, but that's exactly what Matinee have chosen to do. They're already well established back home, and by the looks of it their contacts book of handy-to-know UK music types is well stocked. The launch party for 'White Lies' is at the Shacklewell Arms and Chris Geddes from Belle & Sebastian will be on DJ duties for the night, and producer Tony Doogan (B&S, Carl Barat, Glasvegas) has taken care of production on the track which has already picked up airtime on several notable stations.

Are they much cop then? Well judging on a solitary song is perhaps a little tricky and possibly unfair, but I guess that's our job here. We'll give a tentative yes to that question. 'White Lies' is a fairly typical indie/guitar sort of track; rumbling, slightly moody verses, just enough production to prevent unsavoury egotism or to leave it looking shabby; big chorus where they go all out with a flurry of guitars, electrified drumming and a decent hook. Depending on how the rest of the album has turned out they could well have made the right move, but for now we'll just say decent song, let's see what else you can do.

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