Tuesday 26 February 2013

7Bit Hero - Come On. Stand Out.

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

We're now well and truly used to bands and producers using 8 bit computer technology to create dated-sounding electro-pop and to be honest that whole scene got twee and boring a while ago. So what's 7Bit Hero all about then? Is this going to be even more basic glitches and pings than 8 bit? Well there are some sound effects in 'Come On. Stand Out' that are defiantly retro and belong to a computer game circa 1988, but other than that this is the most overly joyous and ridiculously fun pop song we've heard in an age. In fact it's so cheery that some people won't even be able to face it; it's WAY over the top.

If you do want the rush of ten gallons of Red Bull all at once then 7Bit Hero should do the trick with this happy-clappy single from new album 'We Eat Loot'. The video is suitably ridiculous in its overly fun nature and to be honest it looks more like an ad for a smartphone than a music video, but that doesn't take away from the party. It's surely one to polarise opinion but we're on the side of it being a good tune, like a sugar-coated, kids version of The Flaming Lips. That said, after about 4 listens in a row you begin to get that horrible post-sugar comedown effect. Use sparingly.

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