Friday 22 February 2013

Is Tropical - Yellow Teeth

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Globetrotting Londoners Is Tropical have picked up snippets of many cultures on their travels and this is something that comes across in their music. Just look at their recent 'Flags' EP for example. All wheels are in motion now and their second album will be brought to us by Kitsune in May, but before then they've uploaded new track 'Yellow Teeth' to get us in the mood. You needn't be daunted by it's seven-minute length, it's way less boring or drawn-out than singles half that length. In fact 'Yellow Teeth' needs to be this long to prevent it sounding unfinished.

So, slow build then? Well not really, it's actually quite constant and not particularly high-tempo, but it is full of feeling and despite their not always serious approach this song actually engages you straight away and holds your attention to the very end. It is, as usual, a mixture of styles, probably best just described as alt-pop/indie but with a bit of a difference and the chorus does begin to stand out the more you hear it, almost to an anthemic point. Paradoxically it all seems very simple despite being carefully considered and precision made. Yellow teeth, but gold medal.

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