Sunday 24 February 2013

The Love Dimension - Not Until All Beings Are One

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With a band name like that, an EP title like that and with artwork like that, you'd be forgiven for thinking that The Love Dimension are from San Francisco and wear some flowers in their hair, such is the hippy ideals apparently being expressed. Well we can't tell you their preference for hair decoration but these guys actually are from San Francisco and this EP is made up of songs that could easily have been made in 1967 (the year Scott McKenzie had that hit) but it's not wispy flower-power nonsense. Much of this EP has more guts than that and fits in more comfortably with the freakbeat and garage scenes of the time than of wimpy student drop-outs smoking spliffs in the sun.

Opening track 'The Lighthouse Of Your Mind' actually sounds that little bit more modern than the rest, but only to about 1983 and the fey jangle of the emerging British indiepop scene, albeit with an added freak out towards the end. For much of the rest we're in classic garage territory and The Love Dimension capture this sound with ease. The bluesy 'Down The 101' is like The Seeds rattling through a track at double speed. It's primal and it's authentic. 'Heart Full Of Soul' also belongs on a Nuggets collection and would have been a classic of its time (UPDATE: It was indeed a classic of its time for The Yardbirds), and the same goes for 'Can You Feel Me' which has a great riff and a more psychedelic vibe. The music here is all well worn, but sometimes things just look and feel better that way.

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  1. "Heart Full Of Soul" is a classic nugget from The Yardbirds.

    1. Ah, didn't spot that but I saw they covered 'For Your Love' too.