Saturday 16 February 2013

Cokiyu - Haku

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To heck with the rule book. Japanese artist Cokiyu has apparently named this single after a demo song recorded shortly after she completed her second album. The track 'Haku' does actually appear on here, except in remixed form, and even then it's the third track. So it's a little confusing but let's not get bogged down with formalities and check out the tunes instead, starting with 'Haku (Madegg Remix)'. The vocals at the start of this sound amazing if you listen with headphones, swaying from one ear to the other as if you're being serenaded by angels/ghosts or some otherworldly creatures. The fact that the vocals are in a language non Japanese speakers won't understand only adds to the mysterious charm. A collage of different beats and strange sounds are distributed throughout the song making it impossible to classify in any way at all, other than by simply saying it's fantastic.

The fun doesn't end there, well, it doesn't actually start there, but you know what we mean. First up is the ambient and dreamy 'Twinkle Way' which is a collaboration with LA-based artist Baths, I guess you could lazily call it chillwave, but feel free to make up a new description. Most of these sounds don't fit labels very well. Taking glitches and innovative beats to another level is 'Pulsation' which features Geskia! who's experimental approach is steadily making her a big name on Japan's underground, and you can see why on this track which again avoids tags but could be called experimental/ambient/glitch/itdoesn'treallymatterdoesit? Completing this strange and alien soundscape is 'Flourite' which is a collaboration with rising 19-year-old LASTorder and is another electronic/dreampop innovation. It's tempting to draw comparisons with Bjork but I doubt Cokiyu wants to be known as the Japanese Bjork, but if things go her way that level of success could be within reach.

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