Monday 18 February 2013

The Great Dictators - Half Dead

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Just recently we were talking about the new wave of noise-rock/punk bands that were blowing to our shores across the North Sea from Denmark. It turns out they're also quite handy when it comes to indiepop too. A more accurate description of their new single might include the word "folk" in there somewhere as they describe themselves as "folk/rockers", but most people would recognise 'Half Dead' as following in the tradition of the guitar bands that have characterised a few decades of independent music. The Great Dictators are in the process of releasing a few EPs while working on a debut album, hopefully to be completed this year.

The video follows the band and a man with a wolf's head walking through downtown Copenhagen to perplexed looks from the public. It's a wintry looking scene with gloves and scarfs aplenty, but the song is carried along by a summer breeze. Maybe if they have more music in this vein then a summer album release would be perfect and may make for some great festival moments. The Great Dictators look like a fun band, not taking themselves too seriously but ensuring that their output is to a high standard with it. We're thinking cult status is waiting just around the corner.

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