Thursday 28 February 2013

Latenite Automatic - Ghost Love

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Read the following sentence: "electronic, industrial dance rock band". Now you know exactly what this single from Canadians Latenite Automatic sounds like. Despite being from Vancouver the song has actually got an Eastern European feel, maybe because that part of the world became so synonymous with industrial music. It's sometimes said that music takes on some of the characteristics of the environment it was created, hence some bands' choices of unusual recording spaces (churches, haunted houses and so on), although here we'll assume this is coincidence and nothing more than a reflection of the band's personal tastes.

The title of the new album from these guys is 'You Are Electric?', something which recalls a certain Gary Numan song and it would be fair to say that his influence may have crept into the music here. Certainly his harder, later work. 'Ghost Love' is essentially a rock song wrapped in dance clothing; there are stern guitars and a hard rock beat. The structure is also along more traditional lines, but the addition of clanging, metallic sounds and the buzz of a synthesizer push the track into a different space. It's still heavy and crisp, but with a retro-futuristic vibe to go with it.

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