Wednesday 27 February 2013

Nervous Nellie - Gloves

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As you know we feature a heck of a lot of Scandi-pop on The Sound Of Confusion, in terms of volume Sweden just about edges it. Often this is separated into two different kinds: indie (Shout Out Louds, Sad Day For Puppets, Sambassadeur) and pop (Niki & The Dove, The Sound Of Arrows, Soul Of Gaia). Stockholm band Nervous Nellie have brought these two worlds together, cleverly covering both bases at once. They're not a new band, just new to us, and as such this track is acting as our introduction to the quartet made up of two sets of brothers.

The band were born out of a sense of not having a place to belong, in part down to moving extensively as children. You could say they've now found their place and that place is the band. This lead single from the EP of the same name takes big pop hooks and plays around with them, adding intermittent beats and synths along with a more regular band format. The result combines pop sensibilities with indie credibility and willingness to experiment. You could say they're the next step in the natural progression of Sweden's music scene, but that just sounds pretentious. So let's just say they're a great band instead.

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