Saturday 23 February 2013

Menace Beach - Drop Outs

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This next installment of the Too Pure singles club is living, fuzzing proof that supergroups can work. Menace Beach comprise of Rob from Pulled Apart By Horses, Nestor from Sky Larkin and Matt from current hype fave Hookworms. The racket they make is perhaps unsurprising. There's a slight hard edge brought by PAPH, the indie-rock melodies of Sky Larkin and the humming psychedelia of Hookworms all to be found in these two songs. Plus they're giving it their all rather than saving the best ideas for their main bands, in fact 'Drop Outs' in particular is a match for most of their previous output.

There's a rumble of grunge going on, the production sounds like it was from the sessions of The Breeders' 'Last Splash' album and it's made from analogue equipment that brings with it that warm buzz that's difficult to capture when you're hunched over a Mac. B-side 'Tastes Like Medicine' steps up the tempo and paints a layer of angelic sighs over the top, pausing briefly for some distortion before picking up where it left off with the harsh lead being balanced out by shoegazey/psych backing. 'Menace Beach' sure sounds like an electrifying place to be.

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  1. You've forgotten to mention that Ryan and Liza are from You Animals (ex Komakino)

    1. I haven't forgotten - I didn't know! Thanks for pointing it out!