Monday 18 February 2013

The Fat White Family - Cream Of The Young

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Those fake reports of zombies attacking a US city that were flashed across the internet last week may not have been false after all. This London mob look as though they've just crawled from the darkest depths of the capital's cemeteries intent on gorging on 'The Cream Of The Young'. The Fat White Family are shown in this video as emotionless, almost inhumane creatures of the night that are straight from your weirdest nightmares. It's even more disturbing that their obsession seems to be with "cream" rather than the conventional blood, but each to their own.

This single is essentially a twisted update of a 60s freakbeat 45, played at the wrong speed. They've slowed this right down to add a more sinister tone. When have zombies ever rushed anything? In all seriousness, 'Cream Of The Young' is a remarkably freaky and individual track by a band who don't quite sound like any other. It's not all bleak and monotone; there are hints of pop and more melody than you realise. They fit no scene (so the press will have to invent one soon, any ideas?) and seem to exist in their own place. Like all the best bands, their world is different to ours and this only acts to enhance the intrigue.

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