Wednesday 20 February 2013

Band To Check Out: Haxxan

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One of the joys of being a part of a new music website is hearing of scenes and sounds in the places where you'd least expect. As everyone knows, Israel has been in the news for months now, not generally for very good reasons and it must be a constant struggle for people to even live in parts of the country, let alone form a blossoming music scene. We've heard some amazing music from Tel Aviv in particular, a city where shoegaze and dreampop seem to have a firm hold, and this is brilliant to hear. Music is a form of escapism as much as entertainment, so these otherworldly sounds seemed poignantly fitting.

You would maybe expect a certain amount of anger and rage to be born from such hardship and uncertain circumstances. Step forward garage-punks Haxxan who make music with the energy and ferocity of the second wave of punk bands in the 80s, the ones who lifted the genre to angrier and more political heights. For all we know they could be singing about bunnies and ducklings on the surging 'Blue & Blue', it's impossible to tell what language the lyrics are being spat out in, but they're expressed like they mean it and the song is held together with a decent portion of melody too. 'Devil Eyes' is clearly English and definitely expresses anger. It just goes to show that whatever the circumstances, music can be a powerful and unifying force.

Haxxan's website

These songs will form half of a 7" single with The Orions in a couple of months.

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