Thursday 21 February 2013

Band To Check Out: Paper Crows

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This London duo may have formed back in 2010 but it's now that they're beginning to make headway. There have been a couple of EPs put out to little fanfare so far, but the plan is for a new single and a bit more of a press assault now that they've had the time to hone their sound, get those songs just right and ensure everything about them is exactly as they want it to be. So the name Paper Crows might not be that well known just yet, but maybe that will have changed by this time next year. Musically they have all the right parts needed to make that transition.

Alternative pop can be a broad description but it's one that suits Duncan McDougall and Emma Panas whose music is eclectic, easy to grasp yet complex and carefully considered at the same time. This is classy pop of the variety that the indie crowd will also be able to appreciate. If we mention Niki & The Dove or Florence & The Machine then you'll get the kind of sound we mean. Paper Crows are individual with it though, and their willingness to experiment and keep an eye on new trends and techniques could ensure them longevity too. Now they just need that breakthrough hit.

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