Wednesday 13 February 2013

It Girl - Neon Signs

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After extensive research due to their insistence on often spelling their name in entirely capital letters, we've confidently deduced that the band are called It Girl and not IT Girl. If they tell us otherwise then it's their press agent's fault! There's not much of a computer/electronic thing going on with these songs anyway, so It Girl is far more suitable. Based in Glasgow, these guys are aided by a kind of supergroup for fans of obscure punk and indie bands. 'Neon Signs' features guest appearances by members of Make This Relate, Fires Attract, Kitty The Lion, United Fruit, Bronto Skylift, and the only ones we've heard of, The Phantom Band. All these forces have been brought together to bring us seven tracks of non-stop, headlong indie/punk that could have been recorded any time in the past 30 odd years.

So, derivative? Of course, but still fun and still a shambolic thrash through some decent melodies and a load of classic three-and-a-half minute guitar songs. It Girl don't really do highlights, they just do consistently pretty good, which is more than can be said for most bands. If we're pushed, then the post-punky 'Your Mother And I' is a decent starting point, the title-track has some scorching guitar and almost sounds like current Scottish rockers such as Frightened Rabbit at points. 'Victim To The Clock' could just about edge in front though, it's probably better than it thinks it is, as is 'Firelight'. Some gloom can be found on 'Human Touch' for those of you who still hide beneath big black coats, and 'Hailey Commits' will direct your mind back to about 1983. So no new ground being broken and no limits stretched, but an enjoyable debut offering all the same.

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