Thursday 14 February 2013

Swim Deep - The Sea

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There needs to be some proverbial cap doffage here for Swim Deep for making an indiepop song without any of the usual traits creeping in and generally approaching the whole thing in their own way. 'The Sea' won't be unlike anything you've heard before, but at a time where indiepop has got out of hand this new strain that the Birmingham chaps have delivered here reminds you that the world of alternative music can be accessible without having to sound like a diluted Belle & Sebastian. It's difficult to pinpoint quite why this song works so well and quite why it sounds different, but bugger it. We're gonna have a go.

Firstly, all evidence of twee stereotypes are erased completely; secondly the focus appears to have been firmly put on the song with the style in which it was recorded seeming to naturally occur as result of this, not the other way round which is where so many go wrong. It also means that lyrically this isn't fey and childlike. Thirdly, the influences stretch far beyond Glasgow bedsits of the 80s, you can hear echoes of pop-period Flaming Lips, Super Furry Animals at their sunniest and also it actually trys to sound modern and not just like something The Pastels could have made. It almost feels wrong to call this indiepop, but that's exactly what it is. Here though it's been given a well needed makeover. Top stuff.

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