Monday 18 February 2013

WTCHRS - Round & Round

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You've probably guessed right. You pronounce their name "Watchers", and in fact that was their original name before they went all Primal Scream and ditched the vowels. We have it on good authority that this group from the North East are a formidable live experience, The Futureheads' Barry Hyde gave one such glowing testimony. If we have a look at a sample of the bands WTCHRS have supported so far it pretty much tells its own tale: The Charlatans, The Vaccines, The Fall, Islet, S.C.U.M, Peace, Clock Opera, Palma Violets... they appear to be in demand. A debut single was released in the autumn and is now followed by 'Round & Round'.

Mixing traditional indie/punk with a heavy dose of psychedelia and garage it's clear to see why sharp, intense sounds like this would be the perfect fluffer to excite the crowd before the main act. Once these guys have a few more of their own records out and themselves become top of the bill they should be a big draw too, having a harsh yet melodic sound that's something of a whirlwind and is pretty much begging to be played loud. Now that the start of year hype is beginning to settle down, we can expect the next wave of press predictions ahead of festival season. Expect WTCHRS to be somewhere near the top.

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