Friday 15 February 2013

Josephine And The Artizans - Prioritise

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I'd say it's fair to admit that my knowledge of classical music leaves a little to be desired. So unless Josephine And The Artizans had pointed out to me that new single 'Prioritise' incorporates part of Beethoven's "infamous" 'Moonlight Sonata' (I've heard of it at least!) I'd probably have missed to connection altogether and looked like a wally. So thanks for the tip-off!! With this cross-genre approach to making music, Josephine And The Artizans could have unwittingly hit upon a way of spreading their music as far and wide as can be expected. I wonder how many other acts get featured on BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 3 and numerous local stations?

The ability to appeal to fans of many styles is a useful trick to have in their armoury but it's not pre-meditated to be this way. That's just the way the influences of the musicians involved come together. It's part orchestral indie/pop, part classical, part folk and part trip-hop (something seeing a big resurgence in these any sounds go times). 'Prioritise' is worthy of the widespread coverage despite not being their best song or being especially startling. Its magic works more in balancing these separate parts and coming up with a cohesive song at the end of it. Indeed, if they can produce an album of similar work then a Mercury nomination is surely on the cards.

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'Prioritise' will be a free download from Bandcamp on February 26th.

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