Wednesday 13 February 2013

Low Sea - Remote Viewing

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"Grey disco". There's a genre we haven't heard of before. In fact I think we can probably assume that this duo from Waterford, Ireland made it up to describe their sound. Does the music they make warrant the creation of a separate branch of music, though? Well we wouldn't go that far, and to be honest the more encompassing term of synth-pop would probably cover things, but you'd need to add a little something extra. Maybe the word "dark". We would say "gothic" but the meaning of that word has become so blurred that it would barely do Low Sea justice.

The video does contain gothic imagery and the music is a tad bleak and cold, but what fine music it is. 'Remote Viewing' is the title-track from their album which is out on April 1st and considering the needless superfluity of synth-powered duos doing the rounds, this sticks out a mile. The vocals are sultry which offers a good contrast to the sharp 'True Faith' type beats and bubbling and whirring electronics that make up the meat of the song. Strip this down to just a singer and a guitar or piano and you'd have a thoroughly decent product at the end of it. With a few more like this on the album, Low Sea could be on to a winner.

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