Wednesday 13 February 2013

Darling BOY - Air Conditioned Gypsy EP

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What the hell is an air conditioned gypsy? Even the track of the same name gives very few clues. Anyway, it's a great name for a song/EP and this record in general is an excellent introduction to the talents of London songwriter Darling BOY, a man who has already found fans in many of the alternative music world's luminaries (Glen Matlock, Alan McGee, XTC's Andy Partridge, Steve Lamacq). He's played in a few bands of note already, but we're here to have a look at his latest release, out on March 4th. It shows skilled and diverse songwriting, with the title-track being semi-acoustic punk that's somewhere between The Waterboys and The Libertines. This has been chosen as to name the EP, but there are better songs here.

We begin with classic garage-rock. 'Crazy Jane And Jack The Journeyman' sounds like a Small Faces demo with the Energizer bunny on drums that was deemed a bit ragged for release. What makes this debut more appealing is the variety. It's all traditional guitar-band set-up, but the tunes differ in style. 'Fortune' is closer to the British indie sounds of the mid-90s, and we don't mean Britpop, it's carried out with gusto and determination too, and this immediately makes it sound all the more vital. Finally we get 'Shirley', a stripped-down acoustic track that sounds as though it was recorded live, or at least in one take, again making it more vibrant than a cleaned up version. We're not predicting massive sales, but a cult hero could be about to be born.

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EP Launch Party @ Surya, Pentonville Road N1 – Tuesday Feb 26th 2012

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