Wednesday 27 February 2013

Ummagma - Talk To Her

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Yet more news from the busy world of Ukrainian/Canadian duo Ummagma who only recently sent us three new videos to the songs 'Human Factor', 'Rotation' and 'Kiev', all of which featured on their excellent twin album release from last summer. With so many songs there's still much more work to do and they've now passed on another video, this time for the track 'Talk To Her', a ghostly and chilled piece of ambient, instrumental dreampop. It sounds like summer so will hopefully go some way to warming at least your soul if not your body in these chilly last few weeks of winter. Like all their music, the two albums are name-your-price downloads via Bandcamp.

Much like the song, the video is a mesmerising and abstract blend of colours that swirl around forming different shapes and patterns. With so many bands aiming for some kind of novelty factor in music promos with the hope of going viral, this actual match of sound and vision is a welcome change. They've also introduced us to a talent we were yet to discover: San Francisco musician Jane Woodman who has lent her remixing skills to another track from last summer's release bonanza, 'Lama'. Again the sound here is woozy and slightly catatonic, but in a good way, recreating that warm feeling as you gently drift off to sleep. Her own material sounds good too, so we'll do some investigating and report back very soon.

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