Tuesday 12 February 2013

Terracotta Blue - Swan Aria

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Hailing from the Washington DC area, Terracotta Blue is the alias of a producer and remixer named Jay whose passion is hip-hop, but like many others associated with that scene, Terracotta Blue is fascinated by music in general and incorporates numerous styles into his tunes. In this respect his outlook is similar to that of DJ Shadow, someone he mentions as a key influence. His new EP 'Eden' is set for release in March and the lead single is called 'Swan Aria'. We mentioned hip-hop, well you might be surprised when you listen to this song and consider what labels it could come under. It's just universally likable.

Sure, there are some laid-back beats here that could used as a bed for rap, but equally for plenty of other sounds too. This is another post-chillwave soundscape for those fed up with Casio keyboards and lo-fi production. The intro is delicate piano that shines like shards of light reflecting off the snow on an icy night, you get an atmosphere straight away and it only improves from there. There's no big hooks or vocal lines but there doesn't need to be. The resurgence of ambient electronic music that incorporates organic sounds is gaining momentum, and maybe artists like Terracotta Blue can help this shift into the world of currently stagnating world of rap.

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'Eden' will be available in March through Bandcamp

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