Friday 22 February 2013

The Scintillas - Say What You Like

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Firstly, a little kudos is due for this video featuring fornicating eggs who get caught in the act by what is presumably the husband egg when a fight ensues. What follows is the murder of the male egg and his subsequent dismemberment, a police chase, several more murders and a mass brawl before the presumably married eggs escape in a space rocket. This mysteriously ends in another murder six months later. You are entitled to ask what the bleeding hell they were on when they came up with that one but it's great viewing, unfortunately the video's better than the song.

This is the debut single by The Scintillas and it's probably best to listen to it without the visuals at first so you don't get distracted. In saying the video is better than the song this by no means suggests this isn't a decent tune. It's a great indie-type number and deserves some limelight in its own right. Hopefully it'll get this if radio picks up on it because guitar-pop needs all the decent bands it can get right now and this lot could prove to be an excellent find. Of course having a video with the potential to go viral can work wonders for your profile (just ask OK Go!) so maybe they've taken the perfect route with this one.

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