Monday 25 February 2013

The Deadline Shakes - Boy

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Some labels you just know are going to come up with the goods every time, and we're yet to hear a stinker from Glasgow's Flowers In The Dustbin imprint. They introduced us to The Deadline Shakes late last year with debut single 'Sweeten The Deal', a near perfect piece of guitar-pop that was like loads of your favourite bands and yet like not quite like anything you'd heard before at the same time. Well now it's second single time where we find out whether or not they just got lucky first time around. As if we'd ever really doubt them. 'Boy' is a fine follow-up and importantly not simply a recreation of the first release.

You could perhaps say that 'Boy' is more traditional sounding and maybe not as adventurous as 'Sweeten The Deal', but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. In truth this song is more familiar in sound but the high standard remains and once again they show us they know their way around a guitar tune. You almost get lulled into a false sense of normality with the verse, before the chorus explodes like a burst of colour, reminding us that sunkissed psychedelia is where these guys lay their hats. It's March now, there will surely be more material to follow. Are they saving something extra special for the summer weather they were made for? We're not betting against it.

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'Boy' is released on March 18th through Flowers In The Dustbin

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