Sunday 17 February 2013

Winter Villains - The Air

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There's a vagueness between the boundaries by which we describe different forms of music. A blurring of the lines that our brains seem to need to file a particular song under, maybe it's a form of obsessive compulsive disorder. Just what it this new song from Cardiff band Winter Villains? Is it indie? Is it folk? Is it baroque? Is it dreampop? Is it Superman? In truth it's a bit of each, although we don't have any kryptonite handy to test how much of its DNA is from Superman. In truth they probably just used horse and passed it off as Superman anyway. Call it what you want, it's a delicate and cosy winter warmer that's made for sitting inside by a log fire while the elements do battle with themselves outside.

'The Air' feels so brittle that you could break it by breathing on it too heavily. It must be something of a challenge to get harmonies so subtle and pure as those at the beginning. As it gets going (get's going is possibly an exaggeration to be honest, let's say more layers get added) you can't help but think what a struggle it must have been to make every instrument sound so delicate as to compliment each other in such a way without something taking over. Maybe the trick was done in the mixing, it matters little as it's the end product that counts and we're pretty sure this is the real deal and not some cheap, ready-made music substitute.

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