Friday 15 February 2013

Kriget - Holy Mountain/Aghori Diet

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We use the word "experimental" quite a lot in reviews. Focusing on a lot of what would be described as alternative music, this is perhaps not surprising. Plus now that we have more music at our fingertips that ever before, bands often do need to go that extra length or find that particular quirk that will make them stand out. So you could argue that even subtle deviations in style may be deemed experimental. Either way, the word is probably overused and we're probably as guilty as anyone else. We first heard Sweden's Kriget (it means "war" apparently) back in 2011, and said then that they were ploughing a furrow that was genuinely their own. At a push you could make some comparison to the German 70s innovators and Warp records current and past roster, but really they're quite unique.

This new single will be their first foray into the American market and they've hardly ramped up the pop ratio for their trans-Atlantic journey. 'Holy Mountain' sounds angry and the pace and harshness vary; it's a bit like it's been tied up in a straight jacket and locked in a padded cell, left to flail about of it's own free will when the rage tempts it to do so. Don't let that description make it seem like an unlistenable mess though. It's not comfortable by any means, but it is accessible if your tastes venture to the left-field side of things. B-side 'Aghori Diet' is more awkward; thundering beats, electronic monsters seeming to be doing battle with each other and what sounds like a games console in the final throws of life. It's stellar stuff. To sum it up in a word? Experimental.

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