Friday 22 February 2013

Kovak - Radiate

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All the press info for this new single by Brighton's Kovak comes plastered with comparisons to vintage Blondie. So no pressure on them then! It's every PR person's job to make records sound better on paper than they are in real life, so we can take that claim with a pinch of salt. Saying that, it only needs to be a couple of grains of salt. Of course Kovak aren't as seminal as Blondie, people have been making pop crossover songs in this style ever since. So Kovak are inventing nothing and changing nothing, but if we take 'Radiate' (even the song title is similar to a Blondie song!) for what it is we find some substance in these claims.

'Radiate' is a pop song, and it is a pop song that will appeal to fans of rock and indie too, it's also a very good song. Impressively good. And yes, you can hear echoes of the New Yorkers here but the sound is ever so slightly more mainstream. You could say this sounds like a Blondie remix, and a superb one at that. They'll be flattered at first, but if the 'B' word keps getting attached to them it'll hold them back. So let's just say that Kovak have made an incredibly impressive alt-pop track in a classic style that deserves to be judged on its own merits, because to be honest this band deserve to be huge.

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