Tuesday 19 February 2013

Air Review - Low Wishes

Album review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Have retreated to a converted garage in Dallas, Texas in 2012, Air Review emerged with a full album written, recorded and produced by themselves. They're clearly happy with it and there has been some press speculation that it could be one worth waiting for. Well now it's here, we get to verdict time. Because this is a record that sits between scenes and styles, 'Low Wishes' is likely to pull in the full spectrum of reviews, from ecstatic to, well, let's just say unfavourable. What we can say for sure is that Air Review sound like they've put their hearts and souls into this album and really given their all to produce a work that wants to be good and wants people to agree with it.

This they have done. The steady opener 'Rebel' positions itself somewhere where it can be spotted by both pop and alternative radars. This is a good move, but in doing so it may have made the signal too weak for either to embrace it fully. That said, this variety of electro/indie/pop/rock (plus occasional folk and country influences) could be about to see a surge in popularity now that genre kings The Postal Service have regrouped. It could even be that the success of this record depends on whether Ben Gibbard and co. can still cut the mustard. If they hit big again then appetites for more of the same will be high ad Air Review could be in luck.

But let's make this clear: these guys are no Postal Service tribute act, they just straddle similar genres, so any publicity this kind of band can get must be a good thing. They have some very good indie/pop songs that will stand with the best too. 'Young', the lovely 'H', and 'My Automatic' are superb tunes, while the title-track is possibly best of all. 'America's Son' and 'Fin' won't be as instant but are still well made, although 'Waiting Lessons' is a bit floppy before it heads for the stereotypical Appalachian harmonies and ends up being quite grand, albeit in an overly familiar way. All told, 'Low Wishes' is a good, solid album that might just make a break for the big time.

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