Tuesday 19 February 2013

Nerdkween - Let Me Go

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

The 'Profit And Loss' album by Atlanta's Nerdkween was originally released back in 2010 and the idea was to document the "trials and tribulations" that people experience throughout their life, with the general theme being, topically, profit and loss. There were seven tracks on the album and stylistically these were designed to show a diverse range of music, from folk pop to instrumental hip-hop. It's unquestionably a different idea to that of a conventional album, and maybe one that can only be attempted by a band who've been together for over a decade as is the case with Nerdkween.

Essentially the sole member of the band is singer-songwriter Monica Arrington who works with guest musicians and producers, but in a reasonably long career she surely knows who to call on to get the sounds she's looking for. This new video has just been released for 'Let Me Go', a song about parting ways with a friend and moving on with life. It's definitely at the folk end of her musical range but has a dreampop aspect to it as well and is quietly captivating. The video displays both aspects of grief and religion, two things which often go hand in hand and can often be felt most in difficult times such as the song describes. If you're familiar with Nerdkween already, then lucky you. Our musical relationship has only just begun, and we hope it will be a long one.

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