Friday 22 February 2013

JFS - Rebel Daughter/Liberty

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We have to confess to knowing virtually nothing about JFS, although we're assured that his/her/their debut album is "hotly anticipated". The album will be titled 'Artax Lost Forever'' and will be out on March 5th. Second single 'Rebel Daughter' features the vocals of Jessica Oliver from People's Person who does a neat job of adding some fantasy-like emotion to this bleep-tastic track and results in a decent electro-pop tune that stays just on the right side of the commercial barrier; that is to the left of centre. It's a mysterious one and could feasibly have been beamed in by aliens from another dimension who are trying to twist our minds a little.

The first single and free download 'Liberty' also sounds like something from a sci-fi film, with clanging metallic sounds and industrial beats. It's icy cold with a stern vocal which again is softened by a cacophony of buzzes and bleeps and twinkles. If there hasn't been a video made for this song yet then may we suggest some strange beings watching a beautiful sunrise from somewhere in distant space. It sounds as though this is where JFS not only wants to be, but perhaps where they belong in the first place.

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