Tuesday 19 February 2013

The Plimptons - The Plimptons Are Dead!

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

And so the indie world loses another band. Glasgow indiepop group The Plimptons are calling it a day after 14 years and a quartet of albums with one final gig on March 30th at Stereo, Glasgow. Should we mourn the passing of The Plimptons? In truth most people will never have heard of them, let alone be familiar with their music, and they acknowledge this fact on final track 'We Did It Anyway' (which features MJ Hibbett) with lines like "we never won an award... we never got a review... everything that we've done has been roundly ignored..." but it's triumphant rather than bitter; "but we did it anyway... much too busy having fun to know that no one cared". They're a band who carried out their business in a fiercely independent way and the thought of selling out probably never crossed their minds.

In all honesty, The Plimptons as a band were always out of time, suited to the occasional spin on John Peel in the late 80s, a time when they didn't even exist. This kind of super DIY, tongue-in-cheek twee-pop has been dated for many years. The other tracks on this EP are similarly self-depreciating ("everything we've done we have done wrong") and the songs, while they may raise a smile and contain the odd catchy pop hook, are largely forgettable, mainly because there's been so much similar music made in the last few decades. The Plimptons never made any attempt to fit in and they sure as hell never did. But did they care? Did they heck, and for this reason it will be sad to see them go. Whoever they were...

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