Saturday 23 February 2013

GEMS - Pegasus

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And so the gradual morphing of chillwave continues. We've been following the output of Washington, DC pair GEMS for a few months now and have learnt than they're keen travellers and that many of their songs were written during a summer in North Carolina before being recorded back home. We don't have such info for new track 'Pegasus' though, but it sounds warm and sunshine-powered so we'll take a guess that it may have began life as part of those same writing sessions. There's also a lot of talk of darkness though, so perhaps the recording took place in winter and the song changed a little.

This is all pure speculation and it's not really necessary to know all the details anyway, it can take some of the magic away. 'Pegasus' is again the sound of a chilled-out twilight zone with echoing, tribal beats and strips of reverb filling out the backing which leave the bass and vocals to do the talking. There's definite soul in that bass too, and definite dreampop in those vocals. It's a rich and blurry track that appears to float instead of play like a normal song. There's something a bit ghostly here, and that's something we like.

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Mar 06 Washington, DC
Mar 09 Brooklyn, NY
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