Sunday 24 February 2013

The Invincible Summer - The Edge

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Following a decent helping of praise for their first two-track single in the Autumn, Australian band The Invincible Summer (their name comes from an Albert Camus quote, literature fans) are previewing what will be their next single, due out in April. It's to be a double A-side affair and they're letting us have a listen to one track now, but making us wait for the other, like a big bunch of teasing bastards. Having previously reviewed the aforementioned double A-side debut, we can safely say that in 'The Edge' they have a song that sees them stepping it up a notch.

It's the same band, no wild diversions. They still make indie/guitar-pop and still have a secret crush on 80s pop that they let creep into their work, but here it seems more fully realised. The chorus borders on being anthemic, something they'll need to keep in check if they want to avoid a critical mauling for taking the Snow Patrol route to becoming millionaires and repeating the same trick over and over, but here the balance is just right. The fact that the song is actually quite understated in nature helps this, so when they do go for those heights in the chorus the bed upon which they're doing so is well an truly grounded, resulting in something tastefully grand.

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