Tuesday 19 February 2013

Great White Buffalo - Great White Buffalo

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Sometimes it's fairly easy to predict what a band are going to sound like before even hearing them. Cradle Of Filth were unlikely to be the latest cheesy, bleached teeth and hair gel boyband, likewise an LA group with the name Great White Buffalo were unlikely to be leading a trad-jazz revival. No, we're looking at alt-rock here, the sort that can only be made in America, from those same genes passed down through everyone from Springsteen to Petty to The National to The Gaslight Anthem. You could say that the US currently has a surplus of imitators and hopeful bandwagon-jumpers looking to cash in on the recent success of such bands in the same way that the UK had skinny-jeaned, battered Converse-wearing landfill indie bands propping up everywhere in the wake of the Libertines' and Arctic Monkeys' success.

The trouble was the music those guys made wasn't a success. It was mostly bloody awful. Are Great White Buffalo the US equivalent to The Pigeon Detectives? No, fear not. This self-titled EP is (metaphor time) the same old ingredients but instead of giving them to a crap chef (say, me) they've been given to a successful one (let's go for Delia Smith, this is traditional rather than adventurous molecular gastronomy) and we're served a fine platter. You can have a quick guess at what 'Teeth' or 'Likely Story' sound like; they're decent tracks if a touch familiar. However these guys have a couple of killer tunes in their arsenal in the shape of the huge sounding 'Sleepwalking' and the impressive 'Thanks For Nothing'. They even do the epic last track in 'Burn'. We've heard it all before but then we've all had a decent pizza before and we'll still go back for more. Tasty stuff.

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