Wednesday 20 February 2013

Younolovebunny - Happy Nation II

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Are Younolovebunny further proof of a new form of punk revolution happening in Denmark? We're not really sure, they cover a few bases on the 'Happy Nation II' EP, most of which could be described as "lo-fi" rather than punk. The group is really the solo guise of Claus Frøhlich. Get the salt cellar to hand and get ready for the apparent story. Younolovebunny apparently takes his name from a computer game, and this is also what Thai prostitutes say to men who reject their advances (we wouldn't know!). He's written over 700 songs (!) and recorded around 40 albums, one of which contains 400 tracks. He also lives on a pig farm.

That's the facts/myths out of the way, now to the tunes. 'Ozonomio' is a cracking, grungy track built from scruffy guitars and lazy vocals. It sounds like a demo but that's the point, the strong melody pulls it through. Things don't get any more accessible either, with 'Whip It' sounding like the result of someone leaving a tape recorder running while their mate was round with his guitar, but again it's a good listen. The best way to describe 'Attention' is buggered up surf made by a band of people who've never even met each other before, it's a thrilling rickety din. 'What I See' is like the oldest, most buggered up tape you have being played under a duvet, and we're given a bit more of a tune again on 'My Love' although it would have been nice if he'd positioned himself somewhere in the vicinity of the mic when recording the vocals. By the way, this EP comes with 9 extra tracks that are only available on tape and 30 minutes of secret music on side two. Some people, eh?

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