Wednesday 27 February 2013

Jane Woodman & Zoe Keating - Sister Europe/Tango

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In another example of how one link in the chain of the music world leads to another, we followed on our recent Ummagma single review by passing our excited ears over the work of San Franciscan musician (she also apparently a designer and filmmaker) Jane Woodman who will be releasing an album next month and from the snippets we've heard her dark blend of indie and alt-pop could be one to make a note of. It certainly doesn't sound like the work of an amateur, she knows what she's doing and achieves some quite brilliant atmospherics which also take in shoegaze and dreampop. Her most recent release though, is a single (and another link in the musical chain) collaborating with Zoe Keating.

The who actually met and first joined musical forces in the 90s before concentrating on separate projects, but these two songs see the partnership reignited. This is stirring stuff indeed. 'Sister Europe' is menacing and moody with its heavy beat and sharp, distorted guitars. It's almost gothic but that word doesn't really do it justice. It's a potent mixture of alt-rock, shoegaze and post-punk with a steady, prowling pace and ominous vibe. There's a similar feeling to 'Tango' which also uses beautifully twanging guitars but lets the spaces between the music be as important as the music itself, almost creating an air of suspense. Two expert examples of alternative guitar-pop for those who prefer a touch of mystery in their lives.

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