Sunday 17 February 2013

DogGone - ROM4NC3

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So this track called 'ROM4AC3' has been sat in our inbox for a week or so and we're beginning to quite like it. The band are called DogGone and appear to be a quartet from London. A flick through the posts on their Facebook timeline suggests they have plans to go beyond the demo stage soon after a fair few people began to dig what they were doing. And what they're doing is all standard practice really, but as this is just the beginning stages of a potential career it's worth making a note of and putting them on you musical radar.

They've thrown a couple of other roughly recorded ideas up on SoundCloud for a limited time, but the one they're keeping there is 'ROM4NC3' which is probably the most accomplished of what we've heard. Yeah it needs a bit of studio trickery or the guidance of a proper producer but as it stands it's a perfectly decent tune. (EDIT: rerecorded version now posted below!) These kind of recordings invariably sound better live so it's worth catching them if they're near you any time. For now, here's a promising piece of indie-rock.

DogGone's website

Catch them live:

Feb 20 Rhythm Factory, London, United Kingdom  
Mar 16 Underbelly, London, United Kingdom

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