Tuesday 19 February 2013

Charlie Boyer And The The Voyeurs - Things We Be

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

If the last couple of years have been steadily prepping us for a new wave of psychedelia then maybe 2013 is where it will all come into fruition. The acclaimed recent acts (Pond, The Horrors, Tame Impala and so on) took an often sprawling and experimental approach to their updated acid-frazzled songs, and in doing so they may have opened the door for a more concise variant, one that has the potential to actually make guitar music fashionable and back in the charts again. Great as those bands are, 8 minute songs were never going to trouble Radio 1 and the like very much. NME are constantly looking for the next guitar scene to falsely champion in the hope that eventually they'll get it right and give themselves a smug pat on the back. Perhaps this is it.

If the Elephant Stone album could break in the UK it would be a start, Temples are already looking like a hot proposition and Charlie Boyer And The Voyeurs are knocking out three-minute psych masterpieces that will be more appealing to playlist compilers and the fickle public alike. New single 'Things We Be' is a corker, filled with organ, retro guitar sounds and drums that seem to sparkle instead of thud. Predictions of stardom are often unwise so we won't go that far, but if there is to be a turn in the fortunes of decent guitar bands then this could be it. Condensing all the great bits of some of the best albums of recent times down into neatly packaged radio nuggets and doing so with credibility. More power to them.

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March 2013
MON 04 Charlie Boyer & the Voyeurs, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London, UK
THU 21 Charlie Boyer & the Voyeurs, Malka, It Hugs Back, The Lexington, London, UK
May 2013
SAT 25 Charlie Boyer & the Voyeurs, Animal Collective, Bat For Lashes, Four Tet, Field Day 2013, London, UK

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