Sunday 17 February 2013

Battle Lines - Huh Her

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For a while there we thought our ears were playing tricks on us. Last time we heard this song it was as a demo by a Leeds band called Alvin Purple which we gave away as a free download last year. The download is long gone but you can see from our words that we compared them to similar pop/rock giants of the time such as The Gossip and The Ting Tings. The song hasn't been stolen, Alvin Purple have now changed their name to Battle Lines and will be releasing this powerful and catchy number as their debut single, so we get to hear it again.

Although we don't have the original recording to hand, it doesn't seem as though the song has changed much in the past year, indeed this could be the very same recording and there's no reason why it shouldn't be. They pretty much nailed it the first time so why risk tampering with a winning formula? The bass is a deep groove, the guitars are also low and rumbling whereas the vocals are strong and sound like a match for most female singers out there. Hopefully this name change and progression from free Bandcamp offerings to proper single will signify a big step up in popularity for these guys and girls.

Battle Lines' website

Catch them live:

May 04 Live At Leeds,Leeds, United Kingdom
May 05 Fibbers,York, United Kingdom

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