Saturday 23 February 2013

Apollo Gets The Girl - Kitten

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March 4th will be debut single day for Glasgow trio Apollo Gets The Girl, a band whose name will either come from ancient myths or more recent space programs. Just so you know, it's definitely the latter. The band admit to being heavily influenced by space and also by the soundtracks to 80s films. So this has the potential to turn into a disastrous geek-fest that should be avoided in much the same way as you'd like to keep yourself clear of the SARS virus. We're in luck though, because these guys have a keen ear for a tune an some interesting ideas of what to do with one.

The first half of 'Kitten' is reasonable routine synth-pop with a mild indie/rock edge and all appears to be going along quite nicely, if a little on the mundane side. But they didn't mention those influences for nothing, and suddenly we get overwhelmed by bubbling and glistening electronics, thunderous beats and are launched skyward encased in a whole different vibe. It's almost another song entirely but it fits. This is all we've heard from them so far but if they're prepared to take more wild and interesting diversions like that we could end up being big fans.

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