Saturday 16 February 2013

Spectres - Hunger EP

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I've yet to sample the pleasure/pain of witnessing a Spectres live gig but it sounds like it's worth doing purely for the experience alone. Quotes like this often entice you to go to a gig: "For three years now, they have created music that has driven people out of venues and made their own ears show the white noise flag". The same has been said of My Bloody Valentine. On record though, Spectres will only damage your hearing if played at excessive volume, although they're not exactly Daniel O'Donnell. The 'Huger' EP is the follow up to last year's 'Family' EP, they're calling it a progression, we're calling it noisy shoegaze. It's obvious from the off that they're partial to wringing and contorting all kinds of noise from their guitars.

'I Was In A Box' particularly gives those six strings and the gear attached to them a good hiding whilst making a splendid din, one for MBV fans you could say, and equally one for the people who prefer A Place To Bury Strangers more when they concentrate less on the actual tunes. It's a maelstrom by the end, but a spectacular one. The brilliant 'Maybe You Shouldn't Be Living Here' is a top class piece of post-punk that groans under the weight of its own distortion; it's an awesome specimen. On final track 'Threshing Machine' they manage to make it sound as though they have about a hundred guitarists all playing at once; no mean feat. All this and we haven't even mentioned the short into, 'Pull', or the first proper track 'Rattle The Cage'. They're lacking neither tunes nor intensity. All hail the new kings of noise.

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Catch them live:

23rd February - Bristol Motorcade FlashParade
27th February - Cardiff Buffalo
28th February - Winchester Railway Arms
6th March - Basingstoke Bang Bar
7th March - London Old Blue Last
8th March - Birmingham Flapper
9th March - Portsmouth Southsea Social Club
14th March - Bath Moles

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