Monday, 11 February 2013

Mary At Midnight - Heads Will Roll

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The nom de plume of London artist Kiran Hungin, Mary At Midnight is apparently the result of an over active imagination and the combination of organic instruments with sampled beats. Half English and half Indian, Mary At Midnight may be in a good position to draw from different cultures, her music certainly draws from different styles. There's a debut EP planned for later this year, but in the meantime 'Heads Will Roll' is being released as a single with a mildly psychedelic video that utilises different patterns of light and colour as well as a plethora of interesting camera shots.

How you label the song will be down to personal preference and is probably unnecessary anyway. If pushed we'd say that 'Heads Will Roll' is a very strong pop song, one that's done with elegance and class, and so unlikely to fit in with many current chart stars. There's a heavy dreampop aspect going on too, but definitely at the more commercial/appealing side of the genre, bypassing too many ambient textures and sweeping sounds in favour of sticking to the song and ensuring the backing amplifies its beauty. It's a trick that's worked.

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