Friday 28 August 2015

UK Premiere: The Old Adage - Red

Article by KevW

Brother and sister duo Mimi and Nino Chavez began making music together in 2012, but Mimi & Nino didn't sound like such a good name when they hooked up with James Humason, and so The Old Adage was born. Their first official release was the EP 'MATCHES' last August, and a year on we get new single 'Red'. The early tracks demoed by the The Old Adage were more acoustic, but their sound has evolved to become electric and more experimental with it. They call Detroit home, and that's a city with a long history of pushing music forwards, and a sizable portion of that has involved garage-rock.

There is a garage element to what they do, but as buzzing synths and snappy electronic beats kick things off, it's clear they're looking to take this somewhere new. Crisp and snappy, 'Red' seems like a natural progression, keeping to a more conventional structure, but swapping guitar riffs and 4/4 drumming for synthetic textures hauls their sound up to date, but not so much as to make it seem overly unfamiliar. Stark, sharp beats like this can often result in a cold, industrial sound, but the soulful lead vocal and teasing glimpses of piano (not to mention that ever-present buzzing synth) ensure that 'Red' is warm and accessible while remaining innovative with it. That's no mean feat, but it's achieved with aplomb.

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