Tuesday 18 August 2015

Get Me Free #34: Peaches - Bodyline (feat. Nick Zinner)

Article by KevW

The last time we had a full-length album from Canadian electro-punk noisemaker Peaches was way back in 2009. Since then the singer has only released one EP and a track dedicated to Pussy Riot, so something a bit more substantial is certainly due. This will arrive in September with the release of 'Rub', the sessions for which included this collaboration with Nick Zinner from Yeah Yeah Yeahs (themselves currently on "hiatus"). Peaches concluded that 'Bodyline' wasn't in keeping with the rest of the album, which looks set to be more minimal if first single 'Light In Places' is anything to go by, and so she's donated it to Adult Swim's "Singles" series as a free download.

You certainly can't look at this abrasive, stomping chunk of angry, guitar-heavy feral rock as being a cast-off though, it's a match for many of her other releases (plus, Mr. Zinner has a knack of making things sound good). Intense and gritty, 'Bodyline' is one for turning up loud to piss off your parents and might grate with those who favour something a touch more easy listening, but it shows that, thankfully, Peaches is showing no signs of mellowing or compromise. It may not give much of an idea as to what the new album will sound like, but as a stand-alone cut it sounds like she's on fine form.

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